Florence 28th-29th September 2019 . venue Le Murate PAC



taught by: Sava Zivkovic


AIM. The aim for the workshop is to show, through various examples of personal and client projects, the importance of the core creative idea that defines your film, versus technical execution. In today’s world where rendering is becoming less of a hurdle, with simplificationand accessibility of many render engines and hardware, it is important to acknowledge that in order to stand out, one must possess abilities that go further than making images look beautiful or realistic on a technical level alone. In the two day workshop, we will focus on the preproduction and creative aspect behind animation and filmmaking.



Super Early bird tickets   05.03 - 19.03 Students €235 Professional €315 only 10 tickets

Early bird tickets   until 14th July Students €265 Professional €345

Normal tickets  15.07 - 27.09  Students €325 Professional €415

(+tax 4%)



Case study . Built Your World for KITBASH3D . here more info about the project

Build Your World is the flagship video for the re-release of the brand new website for KITBASH3D. The film tells the story of architecture through time.

Credits: Direction/Animation – Sava Zivkovic Music/Sound Design – Iz Svemira Client – KITBASH3D


| DAY 1 - 28th Sept 10am . 6pm with coffee and light lunch break

  • A brief overview of the 3d animation pipeline.

  • A quick look at my first architectural short film Case Study, why I think it failed in reaching my goals, and lessons learned.

  • An in depth breakdownof ReCosntruct, my second architectural short film, and why it succeeded in reaching my goals.

  • An in depth breakdown of ICONS

  • An in depth breakdown of Build Your World

| DAY 2 - 29th Sept 10am . 6pm with coffee and light lunch break

  • Beyond archviz, how I’ve used my previous knowledge for breaking into gaming industry and directing.

  • A quick look at Twitch: Loadout

  • Finding a team, working with friends

  • An in depth breakdown of our IFCC 2017titles

  • Incremental learning, using smaller projects to build up technical skill that will support the bigger projects down the line

  • The thin line between inspiration and copying

  • An in depth breakdown of our latest short film (to be announced)


Language: ENG . Venue: Le Murate PAC Florence

| SOFTWARE The workshop will be focused on Art Direction, storytelling and breakdown scenes. The laptop is not necessary but if you want bring your own you are welcome.


Super Early Bird tickets   05.03 - 19.03 Students €235 Professional €315 only 10 tickets

Early bird tickets   20.03 - 04.04 Students €265 Professional €345 only 5 tickets

Normal tickets   05.04 - 27.09  Students €325 Professional €415

all prices + tax 4%

Total seats available: n.35. The workshop will start with a minimum of 10 attendees. In the event of cancellation we will inform you 15 days before the workshop's start date and we will refound you the full ticket price. We are only responsable for the attendance fee, not for cost of travel and accomodation. No refound in case of no-show.

Twitch: Loadout

Direction/Animation – Sava Zivkovic
Character Design – Milan Nikolic
Modeling/Texturing – Sava Zivkovic
Music/Sound Design – Iz Svemira
Motion Capture – Take One
Additional Character Animation – Take One
Behind The Scenes Coverage – Milos Nikolic

Main Titles for the IFCC 2017 Concept Art Conference.

Direction/Animation: Sava Živković
Music/Sound Design: Iz Svemira
Story: Sava Živković, Nebojša Jež, Milan NIkolić 
Concept Art: Milan NIkolić
Character Artist: Mihailo Radošević
Vehicle Artist: Nenad Merzel
Graphic Design: Nebojša Jež
Motion Capture: Take One

Sava Zivkovic is a Director and CG artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. Born in 1989, he graduated from the Belgrade University of Arts in the department of Interior and Furniture design in 2012. Having developed a strong passion for film and animation, he decides to take on this career path and focuses on motion graphics, architectural animation and all things CG. He has a strong belief in devoting time to personal projects, has received several awards and recognitions from the CG industry and has also given back to the industry by publishing some of his personal tutorials. In late 2017 he started his directing career at Axis Animation and continues the collaboration with Glasgow based studio, working on AAA game cinematics as well as never ending development of personal IP's