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Look Development Artist: a 3D storyteller 

taught by PAUL MCMAHON


18th . 19th March 2017

The attendees will learn how a Look Development Artist works and how is important the storytelling and the mood for the final image. Paul McMahon will discuss his approach to design, showing how he finds inspirations and creative problem’s solutions. Design, modeling, UV mapping, Compositing and Postproduction will be the focuses of the workshop.  Everything that will be teach can be applies to any software.



18th March 10am-6pm with coffee and light lunch break

Aim of first day is to introduce the attendees into the Look Development artist’s world. 
Paul will talk about is approach and he will show the breakdown of four projects and he will teach to the attendees why is important to create personal work as it could very well lead to new job.

Introduction to 3d modeling with some practice exercises to prepare the attendees for the second day to the workshop.


19th March 10am-6pm with coffee and light lunch break

During the second day the attendees will experience a full day of art direction work. From the initial design stage all the way to the production of the final image.

Design: approach, inspiration and creative problem solving.
Modeling: some practical work. How to approach a modeling job, techniques and tips.
UV Mapping: the basis of uv mapping and texture painting applications.
Composition: storytelling, mood, lighting and shadows and they also affect the mood you are creating.
Postproduction: postproduction techniques and it’s importance to the final image


  • Language: English
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Schedule: 10am - 6pm   coffee, snack and light lunch will be offered
  • Venue: Multiverso . via Campo d'Arrigo, 42 Florence (Italy)
  • Software: Maxon Cinema 4D . V-RayforC4D . Abobe Photoshop
  • Certification: all the attendees will receive an attendance certificate
  • Price: Student € 320 . Professional € 410
The workshop will start with a minimum of 12 attendees. In the event of cancellation we will inform you 15 days before the workshop's start date and we will refound you the full ticket price. We are only responsable for the attendance fee, not for cost of travel and accomodation. No refound in case of no-show.

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Paul McMahon is a freelance look development artist from Ireland. He has been using CINEMA 4D for 8 years and the majority of his work is for international clients. 
His older, hand painted work appeals to people in Ukraine and Russia quite a lot while his newer, softer work appeals to the US and South American audience so he finds work coming in from a lot of different places. C4D has been an interesting journey for Paul and continues to be. He has followed different paths in the software, some not as long as others. He tried motion graphics but never found it very expressive. He wasn’t able to tell his stories with it, he couldn’t express his art with mo’graph. He knew that 3D-modelling and uv mapping was the perfect tool to express his art. His work has a stylized and upbeat vibe. Getting character in an object with as little detail as possible is what drives him. To convey charm and simplicity in the fastest way!