Florence 29th-30th September 2018 . venue Le Murate PAC



taught by: Karim Mousa El Ramly


There is several goals from this workshop but the core aim is to show how to be a designer and not just a renderer. How to explore striking visual narratives and experiences while highlighting the main architectural design intent and defining the best out of it. How to create fast track draft visual directions that resembles a story board for the client to select the best directions from. How to communicate your ideas efficiently and sell it to the clients. How to build a strong relation with the clients that eventually gives you the freedom and the trust to explore unique visual languages.



Early bird tickets   09.06 - 31.07 Students €265 Professional €345

Normal tickets  01.08 - 28.09  Students €325 Professional €415


Taekwondo Stadium

Taekwondo Stadium

Beyond slums . Case Syria . Design&More

Beyond slums . Case Syria . Design&More

Tropical Garden - Iran Mall

Tropical Garden - Iran Mall

London Bridge Tower - KPF

London Bridge Tower - KPF



| DAY 1 - 29th Sept 10am . 6pm with coffee and light lunch break

Introduction to the workshop. Creative visual communication design strategies and their importance to the architectural practice. working in projects with multinational design firms: references, inspirations, understanding the core of the design and the effect of the environmental and cultural aspects. Design brief and core features. Designing concepts, exploring striking visual directions/languages, digital sketching, ideas exploration journey (beyond pressing the render button). Analyzing visual identities/alternatives in fast track production. Behind the scenes from working on several projects with renowned architectural practices and projects. Analyzing challenges and how to strike a strong trusting relationship with the client. Conceptual Approaches 1 - Hands on producing idea’s and quick drafts.

| DAY 2 - 30th Sept 10am . 6pm with coffee and light lunch break

Understanding forms, lines, composition qualities. Camera - lighting schemes - colors - scenarios. 2d or 3d? how to strike the right balance. The power of post-production. The making of several recognized projects. The challenges of commissioned work and how to stand out. Mini workshops - What the people want. Conceptual Approaches 2 - Hands on producing idea’s and quick drafts.


Language: ENG . Venue: Le Murate PAC Florence

| SOFTWARE Mainly the workflow will be using 3DS Max, V-Ray, Photoshop but 80 percent of the workshop can be applied using any other software.

The workshop will start with a minimum of 10 attendees. In the event of cancellation we will inform you 15 days before the workshop's start date and we will refound you the full ticket price. We are only responsable for the attendance fee, not for cost of travel and accomodation. No refound in case of no-show.


Super Early Bird tickets   28.05 - 08.06  only 10 tickets Students €235 Professional €315 

Early bird tickets   09.06 - 31.07  Students €265 Professional €345

Normal tickets   01.08 - 28.09   Students €325 Professional €415

Karim Mousa’s Egyptian ethnicity led to many "descendant of the Pharoah" jokes in the five years he lived in Bergen, Norway working for the highly regarded design studio Mir. If only his colleagues had known his true claim to fame as a former international Taekwondo champion... Karim has lived abroad for more than a decade as he was based in Dubai for six years before Bergen, developing architectural work for global project design consultancies such as Dar Al-Handasah. Today, Karim is still kicking the martial arts sandbag and using his powers of art direction and worldly experience to bring unbuilt architecture to life via his visual design experiences and explorative approaches.