MTSYS Channel - Interview series

MTSYS interview series // Alessandro Michelazzi

MTSYS Channel is a new online platform for the communication of ideas throught interviews, events both on advanced architecture and visual communication, with a particular focus on the contemporary culture and emerging devices.

This is a part of a series that we want to broadcast in the channel about the guests that will be teach to the MTSYS workshop 2017.

Michela Tonelli from MTSYS interview Alessandro Michelazzi a talented photographer and 3d artist based in Florence. Alessandro will teach to the next MTSYS workshop "Photorealism and Photography in the field of Architecture and Design" with Fabio Palvelli to be held in Florence 6-7 May 2017.

A|V workshop 2017 . The Rusted Pixel taught by Paul McMahon

Hello friends,
MTSYS is delighted to have Paul McMahon, founder of The Rusted Pixel, as a first guest of the MTSYS program for 2017. Paul McMahon is an amazing and talented Look Development 3DArtist and will teach in Florence on 18th and 19th March.

The attendees will learn how a Look Development 3DArtist works and how is important the storytelling and the mood for the final image. Paul McMahon will discuss his approach to design, showing how he finds inspirations and creative problem’s solutions. Design, Modeling, UV mapping, Compositing and Postproduction will be the focuses of the workshop. Everything that will be teach can be applies to any software.

A|V workshop 2017

Dear friends,
we are happy to announce the MTSYS program for 2017. We are very excited to show you the plan of the events and grateful that such high quality artists accepted our invitation.

The organization of workshops concerning Architectural Visualization andComputer Graphic is one of the activities of MTSYS
Our main aim is the research of both artistic and professional high-profile figureswho are able to share their know-how with the attendees and giving them the opportunity to have a complete experience in the CG field. 
We strongly believe that the performance of a 3D artist relies in the balancebetween the artistic side and the technical knowledge of the softwares.
The aim is to be acquainted with the technique so to express the artistic ambition in the best way, always being aware that it's success comes from the contaminationwith other fields, such as photography, cinematography, painting, graphic and that all these influences are part of a summary communication that has its origins in theimage
The events are also the opportunity to share our own knowledge with others and are important occasions to create both personal and professional networks.Sharing becomes an instrument and a tool for the growth of this area of interest that in the last few years carved out a space in the planning process of both architecture and design disciplines.