" The difference between who does and who does not, is who does. "


MTSYS is an architectural studio established in Florence in 2014 by Michela Tonelli. Argument of interest and reserch activities ranging from the architectural project to it’s communication through current and emerging devices, from digital architecture to class teaching, and they are focused to workshops and events organization in Architectural Visualization and Computer Graphic’s fied. Multidisciplinary approach is possibile thanks to the MTSYS network, integrated by Pamela Tonelli as interior designer and Iacopo Neri as computational researcher.


Michela Tonelli . Architect

She is an architect gradueted with honors from the Architecure University of Florence.  Worked for Archea Associati (Florence) in design team for Cantina Antinori (Firenze), Liling Word Ceramic Art City (China), competition Meixi Lake Cultural Center of Changsha (China). Collaborated with Deferrari+Modesti based in Florence for La Petite (Florence). She currently is teaching assistant at MMXXLAB Interior Design Lab, Architecture University of Florence (DIDA). She was tutor at Interior Design Lab Florence 2015 for Tongji University (Shanghai, China). She is an official trainer of VrayforC4D.


Matteo Capirola . Intern

Architectural student in Florence, he grow up with the passion for photography that turned into love for visual art that let a story come true.


Pamela Tonelli . Interior Designer

She is a interior designer graduated with honors from ISGMD of Lecco (Italy). Collaborated with many firms in Milan: Paolo Badesco Interior Design, Studio SMA, Studio Taluworldwide, MellinaCortiStudio and Micheletti+partners. She taught 3D Modeling and Archviz at ISGMD of Lecco (Italy), from 2012 to 2014.


Iacopo Neri . Researcher

Beyond the passion for music and computation, he is graduated cum laude at the Architecture University of Florence with his research on the application of Swarm Intelligences in the field of human behaviour simulation.  After a short period at the Polytechnic of Milan, he is now part of the Master of City and Technologies at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Cataluña (IaaC).


Via delle Cinque Giornate 52 . 50129 Florence (Italy)